Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Of The Assassin Bug

Very unknown to others, There are existing bugs called the Assassin bug. VILE ASSASSIN BUG THAT CARRIES ANTS IT HAS KILLED TO WARD OFF ENEMIES.

Photographer from Malaysia, Hock Ping Guek decided to document the life of Assassin bug and its camouflage strategy to survive  by the used of the high technology Macro photography Strategy.

he noted
" 'These assassin bugs are quite small, less than 1 cm, so the camera I used really comes in handy here as it allows me to go beyond the 1:1 maximum limit of the usual macro lenses without the need for any add-on tubes."

Despite measuring just 1 cm small, this deadly bug kills in a unique way by injecting enzymes sucking out from the inside. They uses the dead bodies as a part of their defense mechanism, this strategy confuses potential predators like frogs or even jumping spiders.

As this gruesome picture shows this insect has at least 20 ants on its back which according to scientists confuse potential predators like jumping spiders.


  1. Thanks for sharing, maybe this is old species that return to the future.


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