Thursday, May 31, 2012

Real Zombie in Miami , Face Eating Cannibal Scandal

It all happened in Miami, According to the witnessed, when police arrived in a truly bizarre situation, One naked man was chewing of another man's face, just like a real zombie, ignoring the police order to stop.  The police said that they were forced to shoot the attacker and kill him. Single bullet was not enough to stop the alleged attacker to stop, witnessed said that the police had to fire several shot to finally stop the man from attacking the  another man's face.

Medics rushed the another man to the nearest hospital leaving behind the strange scene

 watch the video for more information


Further scientific investigation stated that the Face Eating Cannibal in Miami named Rudy Eugene was intoxicated by the drug known " Bath Salt"

The Drug known to cause the user to  severe agitation, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, paranoia and symptoms of psychosis, including hallucinations and delusions. The drug can also lead to overheating of the body, which is why so many users remove their clothing.

read more about the real zombie in Miami here 

Know How to Survive in a Zombie Land

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