Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Longest Bridge in the World

The Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge of china holds the record as the World's Longest Bridge. This man made structure have a span of 260 feet with a basement of 2000 steel pillars. 10,000 workers teamed up to built this amazing bridge.

The length of the Bridge is 540,700 ft. (102 miles). This bridge passes over the water and crosses Yang Cheeng Lake having a length of 6 miles. Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge is the part of Jinghu railroad, which is 819 miles long. The interesting things that the two largest bridges suppressed by this Grand Bridge are also of China. So, China is the country having 3 largest bridges in the world. The bridge also consists over 450,000 tons of steel structure, which explains the high number of workers involved


  1. Whoaaaa!!! you aleays have a nice material bro!!! amazing pic and amazing info about the bridge!! keep that :)

  2. very very amazing bridge...this is my first time see the bridge like that. thank u~!

  3. Yea it was great I was not there for that though a soccer team in china asked me to play for them��

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