Sunday, July 1, 2012

Most Beautiful Horse in the World

Turkey got the record of having the World's Most beautiful and astonishing looking horse. Here is the sample of the picture taken of the most beautiful gold color elegant  horse in turkey.


  1. Im sorry, but this horse is fuck ugly. o-o --Sighh

  2. No he aint! He's the most beautifulest thang in the world!! You ugly!

  3. thats a stallion named Ак Гёз, hes Russian. hes an Akhal Teke and they are NOT a Turkish breed.

  4. its a Turkoman horse

  5. As usual, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.... Personally, I don't find the horse beautiful at all. I can understand that & how many people would label this horse wonderful & beautiful, yet at least to ME - he simply isn't.


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