Thursday, October 11, 2012

Flower with a face that smile , The Smiling Pansies

Have you ever heard of a flowers that knows how to smile? Better  to know the Smiling Pansies. If you look closely at this flower, you will see a face with a set of two eyes, a tiny nose in the middle and a mouth that knows how to smile.

This smiling flower is first seen by an English gardener which bred different kind of violas on 1839.

Pansies are also known by the name of violas. They have a huge variety of colors (hundreds of varieties) and thrive in cool, spring time conditions. They grow well in containers, rock gardens and around the borders.


If you buy young pansies from the nursery don’t buy plants in full bloom. They will adapt harder and are already “spent”.

Choose pansies that are stocky, bushy and have plenty of buds. Avoid plants full of open blooms, because they will be stressed to near exhaustion from working so hard in a tiny pot.

1. Plant pansies about 6 inches apart to allow for healthiest growth.
2. Keep the plants deadheaded. That means the dead, drooping blooms should be plucked from the stem to make room for the healthy parts of the plant to thrive.
3. Pansies can thrive in the ground or in planters. The key is to have fresh soil.
4. Mulch helps keep the moisture in the ground.
Pansies are well known for being self-seeders. You can collect seeds by cutting the entire plant after blooming stopped.

For a really good show, grow plants in a rich soil fortified with organic matter and kept reasonably moist. Pansies like the pH to be close to neutral

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