Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dead Body of Fairy For Sale

Lat time we posted about real fairies that was found dead.  Today, Another heart breaking story for all fairy enthusiasts and lovers. Recently, a dead mummified body of a fairy  placed in a jar was seen for sale on ebay.

Here is the original description of the   dead fairy item auctioned in eBay

A couple of months ago, I stopped in at a yard sale and came across this strange
little creature...

The apparent mummified corpse of a fairy being - or some kind of demon offspring (?) - this specimen is surreal to be around. My cat continually tries to get at the diminutive cadaver through the jar; and the thing just generally unnerves people whom have been in its admittedly creepy presence. It does have a definite Black Magick, otherworldly, Voodoo feel about it. In my opinion, the faint of heart are better off not having this thing around them.

Anyway, folks, the point has come where I feel that it is time to have another person take on the "caretaker" role for "him".

Even if this is a highly well-done sideshow gaff - which seems to be the case - this
deceased, winged entity has a "personality" all its own. Must be experienced
firsthand to fully understand what I mean.

Measures 4-inches tall w/3-inch wingspan. Comes in the jar shown in pic (kinda like a genie in a bottle, I suppose...). The weight of the fairy itself is a couple of ounces.

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