Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Guide on How To Make A Doodle Art

I read an article in the internet regarding the topic on how to make a doodle. Words from a doodle artist got my attention. He said that there are no definite rules in arts, and if there are.. break as many as you can. Actually , that artist is right. We don't need any rules in making a doodle, because a doodle is a matter of self expression. 

For all of those who want to learn to make a doodle.  This post is definitely for you. I'm not good in making a doodle so I researched about it to make things more easier. 

3 Simple Steps to make a Doodle

1. Buy a Doodle Book

This is the very first step to be able to draw a doodle is to Buy a Doodle Book.  There's a lot of good  Doodle books available in the market. This will give you an idea in your future doodle

2. Use Your Imagination.

Albert Einstein once said, logic will take you from a -b but imagination will take you to everywhere you want. Use your imagination. Express your moods. Happy thoughts can make your doodle happier

3. Be proud of your Drawing

Whatever the result may be is, be proud of it. That's the attitude of a true doodle artist.

Here are the Awesome Example of A Doodle Art


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