Thursday, September 6, 2012

Top Most Beautiful Hand Paintings and Finger Arts in The World

Planning to unleash your artistic sides? Why not try to make your own hand paintings and finger arts? To give you some idea on how to make and design a hand painting and finger arts, Life's Wonders present the Top Most Beautiful Hand Paintings and Finger Arts in The World.

The Face Hand Paintings, This is easy , All you have to do is to draw  eyes and a lips to the back of your hand . This is easy but filled with humor.

Cute Design Finger Arts, This a lot harder to do than you think it is. You need a lot of creativity to creates some good designs. Use your imagination. Here are the sample I choose

The Running Finger

The Banana Fingers

 The Castle Hand Paintings

The Hand Soccer Player

The Hand Musician

 This will be on our top list. Animal design hand paintings that will make you say Wow! You can use an animal as a model like the Alligator, chameleon, Panther, Dogs and even cats. Make it more realistic so that your friends will like it more.

 The  Hand Alligator

 The Black Panther Hand Painting

The Killer Hand Snake

The Rare Hand Iguana

The Colorful Hand Chameleon

The Fastest Hand Leopard

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