Sunday, August 12, 2012

Deadly Trap For Fairies

Do you believe in fairies? If yes, then you must also believe in this orchids from Mediterranean. Known as Orchis italica , Naked Man Orchid and even Italian Orchid. this orchid is said to be a deadly trap for fairies.

This lovely orchid which flowers in April in the Mediterranean can form flowers in a dense spike which vary from pale to dark pink. The Naked Man Orchid can grow up to 50 cm in height and is widespread throughout the Mediterranean often forming dense colonies. Apparently when these were first discovered, people thought they were sexual stimulants! And they would put them into a drink called Salep and sometimes called Sallop in the Middle East.

The plant is also found growing in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, the Aegean Islands, Turkey, Cyprus, Malta, Syria, Lebannon, Israel, Jordan and Northern Africa at elevations around 1300 meters.


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