Friday, August 31, 2012

Know More About The Mystery Of a Blanket Octopus

Another amazing life form , Let us know more about the mysterious blanket Octopus. The beautiful and mysterious 'blanket octopus'. This genus of cephalopods contains four species that live in tropical and subtropical oceans. They get their name from the long transparent webs that connect some of the arms of the adult females. Unlike other cephalopods, the genus doesn't have ink to ward off predators, so
the 'blanket' acts as a defense mechanism, making the animal look much larger and scarier than it really is.


  1. nakakatakot itsura nya o,o

  2. Amazing bro!!!!! its great we still disvovey new life forms!! :D

    But i dont eat this octopus jajaja i stay with the normal and a good rice jaja.

    Have a great month my friend keep the :D


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