Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Dutch Artist Turned a Dead Cat into a Remote Controlled Hellicopter

The first time I heard the news, I thought that this was just a fluke or some kind of a  jokes that scattered all over the internet. Out of my curiosity, I Begun to do some research about this dead cat that was turned into a flying helicopter by a Dutch Artist. And here what I have learned. This story is definitely a fact.

Bart Jansen, a Dutch Artist, known for his undeniable love for his pet cat named Orville . One day, Sad news strike to the Dutch artist life, Orville died.So  Bart decided to preserve the memory of his loving pet cat by creating something unusual. So he took the cat to a taxidermist, and together, they created a mold that little Orville’s coat could be applied to.

Out of Mr Jansen creativity, He with the help of the taxidermist turned the dead cat into a quad rotor flying machine.  They called it Orvillecopter,  But let just call it a Dead Cat helicopter. 

Watch here the full actual footage video of Orville the flying Cat works

For more information about the Dead cat that was turned into a helicopter visit here


  1. this real cat friend? drop here to support

  2. Thats its disgunting bro.... poor animal :(

    1. a little bit scary, but it was only the skin of his kitty that was used.


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