Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Biggest Dog in The World , The Giant George

I got a little curious and done some research about the biggest Dog in the World. Searching it in Google made it a lot easier. And I found out that the biggest dog in the world is A male Great Dane from Arizona. His Name is George, 7ft  long and having a 18 stone weight.

We certainly never dreamed he would one day become the biggest dog in the world, standing nearly 4ft high at the shoulder, 7ft long and weighing nearly 18 stone. Right now, he just looked bewildered.
This is what his owner describe him.He is not just a typical dog because George is more attached to a human more than any other dog.Making him more emotionally sensitive. He loves to be cuddle by his master. He got fears in a water and growls every time he was putted near a swimming pool.Despite his size, the funny thing is, George is terrified every time he saw a smaller dog like chihuahuas.

This dog became so popular all over the world including facebook, youtube and even featured in Oprah. Watch here tha actual footage of the world Biggest and popular dog, George


  1. grabe, ang lake nya! ako mismo natatakot sa kanya haha


  2. wow..i wonder how big is his pupu..


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