Saturday, June 16, 2012

First Female Astronaut in Space, China's Airforce Fighter Pilot Liu Yang

Pilot of  People's Liberation Army of China's Airforce, Liu Yang made a historical event in astronomy. She was the Nation's  first and the latest Female Astronaut in space.

Saturday Afternoon when The Shenzhou 9  was launched along with Liu Yang and two male astronauts.

If the Shenzou 9 will be successful, China will be the 3rd country next to United States and Russia to completed a manned space docking

Liu was a experienced pilot from Air force, having 1680 hours of flying experiences and marked excellence in space testing in her training.

They believe that the  participation of a women in space wondering is a great help for  space training, improves flight crews  member and  improves the social impact of a women

for more info about the first female astronaut  visit here 


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