Saturday, June 9, 2012

Swallowing Live Fish Will Cure Asthma

In  Hyderabad, India, thousands believes that swallowing alive fish will cure their breathing problem especially asthma.

Sources said that if you swallowed an alive fish along with the Goud Family's special and magical herbal formula, your breathing difficulties will be cured.They said the formula was from their Hindu Saint. They give it away for free annually and refuse to reveal the mix, saying the saint warned it would lose its potency if commercialized.

Thousands of Indian believers attended the fish swallowing session in Indian stadium despite criticism from the doctors and health care specialist.

The family offers the treatment annually on a day chosen by astrologers.

after swallowing live fish, believers are not allowed to eat  for 45 days and required to abstain from such food like lamb, rice and sugar.


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