Monday, June 25, 2012

Lonesome George Found Dead in Galapagos Natural Park

Lonesome George was the rarest animal in the world.The last Pinta Island Tortoise surviving and existing was found dead by his keeper at his home in Galapagos Island. Experts believes that Lonesome George  is more than 100 years old.

Spokeperson of the Galapagos Natural Park announced the death of the last member of Chelonoidis abingdoni subspecie on Sunday Morning.  He said that they were unhappily surprised to see George with no signs of life.

George became popular and became the symbol of Galapagos Pinta Island after he was discovered by a zoologist named Joseph Vagvolgyi in year  1971

His death marks the end of the purebred Pinta Island tortoise, but there is hope that they will survive in some form: at least one first-generation descendant of the subspecies has been found at the Wolf volcano on neighboring Isabela Island.
Genetic testing has been carried out to try to find further hybrids among the population there. - CNN

Read more information about lonesome  George the Last Pinta Island Tortoise here


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