Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Police Arrested a Vampire in San Diego

In Sunny San Diego, A man with a vampire teeth was arrested by the local police. The sharp-toothed suspect " who was describe as a "vampire teeth" by the witness  is accused of attacking a homeless man and threatening to kill him.

It was an early morning of  Monday when  local police where called  to some shopping center in La Jolla Section in San Diego. When the officials arrived, they saw a 55 year old victim wounded and bleeding in his left eye.

Witnessed said, that the attacker kicked the victim in the face and ribs repeatedly while shouting that he wanted to kill the old homeless man.

Mr Vampire teeth was arrested and  charges with felony assault by kicking (not biting) the old victim. However, the local police of San Diego hasn't released the name of the said attacker.


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