Thursday, June 21, 2012

World's First Heartless Man Alive

Setting the record for the world's first man  without a heart alive is Craig Lewis. A 55 year old patient, dying from a Amyloidosis. A kind of  disease that causes abnormal build up of proteins that clogs  to the human organ so much that they stop from working properly.

Medical practitioners and doctors from Texas explained that they need to installed a turbine like device that are simple whirling motors that promotes continues blood flow to the entire body's circulatory system to sustain MR Lewis' life.

The installation of the continuous flow device started circulating blood to his whole body and Lewis was able to speak to his physicians on the second day of the installation of the device.

But, Lewis lost his pulse and there was only a continuous flow of blood from the body and the new device uses blades to propel and circulate blood throughout the body by replacing the heart. 

Dr. Cohn said that Lewis is the first man to receive the device and added that a stethoscope will not hear any heart beat sound and an EKG will be read for flat-lined.


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