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The Mysterious Case of Jack The Ripper in London 1988

Jack the Ripper is the name given to an unidentified serial killer in London back in the year 1988. The name is based on a letter found written by the murderer of a crime somewhere in Whitechapel District.

Jack the Ripper method of crime involves killing prostitutes via cutting their throat and removing victim's internal organs which lead the investigation that the killer had the knowledge in anatomy and surgery. However,  the mysterious case of Jack the Ripper remains unsolved.


As the legend of the Brutal killings of Jack the Ripper solidified, Many speculation and theories was formed including the speculation that the Filipino's pride Jose Rizal was the serial killer. Read more here

Rizal and his diary:
January 1986, St. Pancras, London
While up in the attic putting away boxes of Christmas ornaments,
the present-day owners of #37 Chalcot Crescent stumble across
a dusty old trunk, which (once the lock is pried open) reveals
some /very interesting/ items once belonging to Dr. Jose Rizal.
In particular, a diary wherein he confesses to the Whitechapel
murders; and a glass jar with half a human kidney preserved in

Unlike the embarassing “Hitler Diaries” hoax a few years before,
/this/ seems to be genuine. The ink, paper, etc. are from 1888.
The handwriting matches Dr. Rizal’s. And (thanks to a surviving
great-granddaughter) a new DNA test makes it almost certain that
the kidney was taken from Catherine Eddowes.

More facts that will add the speculation are,

Jose Rizal arrived in Liverpool on May 24, 1888 then boarded a train to London He stayed in part with the Beckett Family in an affluent place in London. Few days later after his arrival, the most vicious crime of the century started.

The killing stopped after our hero left for continental Europe in the beginning of 1889. Jack the Ripper's victims were found in the East End, the poor gut section of London badly cut with precision that could only attributed to some one who has medical training. Eyewitnesses claimed that Jack wore a dark overcoat as he lurked in his long shadow. It was the first known serial killer that remained unsolved.


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